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Corner and Column Light Boxes

Maximise branding opportunities throughout retail spaces with our Ledge46 LED Light box, specially designed with mitred corners to seamlessly wrap around corners and columns. Measuring only 46mm in depth, and capable of being created in small and large format graphic... Continue Reading →

Ten Reasons To Attend Exhibitions

Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, there are many advantages to attending an exhibition. While cost is of course an issue since you typically will have to travel to attend these shows and possibly pay for registration fees... Continue Reading →

The NEC is first choice for new shows and relocations

Positive Images have enjoyed working at the NEC for nearly 20 years and are excited with the news the NEC is first choice for new shows. Birmingham’s NEC has had a record breaking 12 months as organisers continue to make... Continue Reading →

What makes a good exhibition stand?

Over the years we’ve racked up quite a bit of experience working on some amazing exhibition spaces, whether that’s collaborating with an end-user or marketing agency. Our Modular System can be used to create bespoke, visually stimulating stands that are easy... Continue Reading →

First 5m Dye Sublimation Fabric Printer

Founded in 1997, Positive Images Design & Exhibitions Ltd now has access to the world’s most advanced FabriVU 520 printer. This is the first operational machine in Europe and the UK. delivery is due 1st September 2017 and the official... Continue Reading →

What is TFS?

In short, TFS stands for Tension Fabric System which is an aluminium modular system used to build exhibition stands, retail displays and conference branding. It allows us to create a structure based on the space available and the requirements of... Continue Reading →

I’m Not a Stand Builder!

It’s no secret that if you’re exhibiting you’re not necessarily a stand builder and managing everything that is involved with exhibiting can be incredibly time consuming. Take for example even a simple pop-up stand, this requires at least one person... Continue Reading →

A Positive Image Counts

When it comes to your image at an exhibition or event, the impression you and your stand make in the first 10 seconds can determine whether a potential client or business partner wants to find out more about what you have to... Continue Reading →

Who, What, Where, When…

Exhibiting can be a daunting prospect, particularly if it’s the first time, as there are so many aspects to consider. So, where to start?   It really starts with WHAT you are wanting to promote. It may be your business... Continue Reading →

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