Founded in 1997, Positive Images Design & Exhibitions Ltd now has access to the world’s most advanced FabriVU 520 printer. This is the first operational machine in Europe and the UK. delivery is due 1st September 2017 and the official 5m ‘Go live date’ is 12th September 2017

Founded in 1997, Positive Images are a customer-focused and high-quality driven exhibition display graphics and system specialist, providing the most up to date display and graphics solutions for live events, sports stadium & event branding, exhibition graphics, museums, retail displays, TV & theatrical stage sets and commercial interiors.

Positive Images provides a fulfilment and installation service throughout the UK and  Europe to a vast number of clients from many different vertical market sectors.

Dye sublimation within the UK has previously been limited to a maximum 3.2m width and images over this width were produced with seams showing stitch lines in high quality creative backdrop which although acceptable was not ideal. Extensive testing internationally analysing print quality, colour gamut, ink vibrancy, contrast and competing technology, confirm spectacular results of the new FabriVu 520 printer.

There is always excitement when you are involved in a new innovative solution. Historically we were only able to provide our clients with seamless single piece graphics limited to 3.2m width by any length. This has all changed and we are excited to be in a position to provide seamless Dye Sublimation graphics 5m wide by almost any length which will compliment our existing portfolio.

This machine is the result of a collaboration in world-class expertise between EFI’s VUTEk division and Reggiani’s dye-sublimation mastery, the results and products were inescapable and will be appreciated by discerning clients who look for the very best solution.

Initially five materials will be available which work well with our existing display and exhibition systems, conference, TV and theatrical stage sets, this UK first will move the whole display industry forward.

For more information please contact Positive Images on 01798 817900