In short, TFS stands for Tension Fabric System which is an aluminium modular system used to build exhibition stands, retail displays and conference branding.


It allows us to create a structure based on the space available and the requirements of the client. This structure, which is made from a range of aluminium lengths and profiles, are joined using various methods which create a skeletal structure, this could be a more complex exhibition stand or simply a large single frame for branding a conference stage.


We then use a specialist fabric with a silicone edging which holds the graphic in place under tension. This fabric goes through a process that uses the latest print technology providing 100% ink coverage. The printing technology used also allows the graphics to be reused events after event. With this method of printing, the size of a single seamless graphic is virtually limitless.

This makes it ideal not only for exhibition stands, but also branding conferences and creating stage back drops at a range of indoor events.


With the ability to reuse TFS graphics, there can be a significant saving in cost at future events and exhibitions making this type of exhibition stand and branding incredibly economical. On top of that, there is very little waste, if any at all, after each event making it an environmentally friendly alternative to custom options.

Positive Images were one of the first U.K. companies to invest heavily in this system to ensure we have sufficient stock allowing us to support multiple events simultaneously. This has also given as our wealth of experience in designing exhibition stands using TFS.

To find out more about our TFS solutions, contact us on 01798 817900