It’s no secret that if you’re exhibiting you’re not necessarily a stand builder and managing everything that is involved with exhibiting can be incredibly time consuming.

Take for example even a simple pop-up stand, this requires at least one person for a day, which probably means an extra night’s hotel room and food for anyone helping set up and then there’s getting it there. Although it may not need an artic, you will likely need either a car with a large (and clear) boot or a van which you may need to hire – and these are all expenses that are often over looked when companies opt for building their own stand. Of course, the logistics and day-to-day workload can only increase along with the size of the stand.

On top of the added expenses and logistics, the last thing you want is to have your key sales and marketing people out of the office and being stand builders for the day. Their time is surely far better spent on marketing your presence at the show or selling your products and services. Instead you need to call on a company such as Positive Images. We’re stand builders, it’s what we do and we know how to do it well. Plus we understand that your time is probably better spent doing what you do best.

Positive Images can manage all aspects of the stand preparation – from the initial design, all correspondence with the organisers with regard to electricity, internet, submission of plans etc., delivery of literature and supplies for the event, the build and breakdown and everything in between! We want our clients to be able to arrive at the show fresh faced and ready for the days ahead. And, what’s more, once it’s all over you can simply walk away and we will look after and return everything on the stand back to base.

It’s not your job to build the stand, it’s ours! It’s what we do… and more!